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We take products and turn them into brands.

From Australia’s No1. toilet tissue to
the best tasting ginger beer.

We love what we do and we’re united in the belief
that no matter how complex the media mix,
ultimately it’s the idea that matters.

Which channels perform best?

Saturday 10 March 2018
A robust and detailed recent study provides some great insight into this $64 million question. The media examined are the 10 major channels that account for the vast majority of advertising in this country: direct mail, magazines, newspapers, online display, online video, out-of-home, cinema, radio, social media and TV. The detailed findings are important reading.Read MoreRead More

The demise of digital

Sunday 26 March 2017
Some serious marketers with serious budgets to play with are waking up to the misnomer that is “digital marketing”. A bit like putting the cart before the horse, to focus on digital potentially negates the need to first work out your strategy. And isn’t everything digital these days anyway – even good old fashioned radio!Read MoreRead More

Social expectations

Sunday 19 March 2017
Top US marketers are consistently failing to meet their own projections for social media spend. Caught up in the hype with their estimates but back down to earth in the real world? “The concerns over social media and mobile marketing come amid a backdrop of growing worries about the effectiveness and voracity of digital advertising.”Read MoreRead More

Traditional versus digital ads?

Thursday 12 January 2017
You could safely make the assumption that younger people prefer digital ads, right? Wrong! Recent data shows that older and younger people infact have similar feelings about advertising. And furthermore they both prefer traditional ads over digital ads. Worth pondering why this might be… Gen X, Y and Z agree traditional ads are better than digitalRead More

The answer is surely “yes”

Wednesday 12 October 2016
Mark Ritson has a uncanny knack of articulating what we’ve been sensing for a long time. Have a read for your yourself and you decide. Mark Ritson: Is content marketing a load of bollocks?  Read More

How brands grow

Monday 9 November 2015
Mass marketing builds brands but only if it speaks to “masses” not niche audiences. Interesting article here from the weekends Financial Times magazine. Well worth a read…  http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/cd1722ba-8333-11e5-8e80-1574112844fd.html  Read More

Someone has said it: the emperor is wearing no clothes.

Monday 25 May 2015
Big ideas build bigger brands measured by long term increases in sales volume, share and/or margin. Little ideas are like the emperors new clothes – measured tactically in tweets, likes or click through rates. And as witnessed below the chorus is getting louder.Read More

On which planet does a tweet beat an ad?

Monday 19 January 2015
We believe in the power of social media but urge all clients to get it in perspective. Take half an hour to watch Mark Ritson’s thought provoking piece and you may never look at social media the same way again.Read More

Welcome to our shiny new website

Monday 12 January 2015
Give us a good product or service and we’ll turn it into a brilliant brand. But where do we draw inspiration from, what do we value and why do we do it? We hope this blog provides some answers and keeps you coming back from more….  Read More